Did you know: Brad loves the Boise River. His office overlooks the river and being that close to nature never gets old.

Albertsons Companies
Brad Street, President,
Intermountain Division

A friend is considering moving to the Treasure Valley. What’s your elevator pitch on why he or she should?

The Treasure Valley is growing in leaps and bounds every day. Despite its small town feel, it has a variety of options to offer any interest. From the various outdoor recreation activities to fabulous arts and culture events to the variety of new businesses that have just got their start in our area, there is something for everyone. Some people may be skeptical of what Boise has to offer, but after spending some time here, they won’t want to leave!

What’s your favorite piece of public art and where in the world is it?

My favorite pieces of art are not created by an artist; they are created by nature. Nature’s own masterpieces can be breathtakingly beautiful and ever-changing with the light and shadows and seasons. The ones that inspire me most are the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks in Utah

What’s your go-to book to give a friend?

One of my favorite leadership books is “The One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. It speaks about simple techniques to effectively manage people so that both the organization and the individual profit.

If you could change one thing about the Treasure Valley, what would it be and why?

Because we live in such a fantastic place, there is not much I would want to change about the Treasure Valley. One thing I do hope to see grow bigger in the years to come is our outdoor concerts. We are lucky to have some wonderful venues in the area, and there is no better way to watch a show.

One of our area’s treasures is the outdoors. What’s your favorite thing to do here?

I appreciate our amazing Greenbelt that runs right through the city. On weekends, when the weather is nice, my wife and I love to jump on our bikes and ride along the Greenbelt to visit one of the outstanding breweries or fabulous restaurants we are grateful to have right here in our back yard.

What “hidden gems” have you discovered living here?

McCall is one of my favorite places in Idaho! It sits in the midst of beautiful scenery, is close to the lake and has a great little downtown area. It is the perfect place to go to relax and unwind — to stop, take a breath and enjoy the fresh air.

What positive feedback has your company received about Together Treasure Valley?

We have heard from various members of the community that they enjoy seeing the several businesses who are involved in Together Treasure Valley working together to make this the best place to live. And hearing from the business leaders who make this project come to fruition gives that personal touch that makes our community what it is.

Together Treasure Valley had about 100 requests to place the 50 benches we bought for the area. Did that reaction surprise you, and where are you looking most forward to seeing the benches?

There are many people who are proud to live in the Treasure Valley and are happy to see the community support that Together Treasure Valley brings. I look forward to seeing the benches in front of the various businesses around the area, like City Hall and our local hospitals. I would also enjoy seeing some of the benches along the Greenbelt, one of my favorite places.

Together Treasure Valley gave $50,000 to help fund Boise’s Vista Gateway Median Arts project. Why was this an important project to fund?

The Vista Gateway Median Arts project is important to our company for various reasons. One being our Albertsons store along the Vista corridor, and the neighborhood it supports. We are also members of the Energize Vista Neighborhood Project, a community project in partnership with other local businesses and city agencies, to revitalize and bring resources to the wonderful Vista neighborhood. Secondly, Vista serves as an entrance to the city of Boise, and this art project will welcome visitors and be their first glimpse of what a wonderful city it is.

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