Did you know: Rebecca enjoys taking out-of-town guests on a bike tour of the Boise Greenbelt.

Delta Dental of Idaho
Jean De Luca, President & CEO

A friend is considering moving to the Treasure Valley. What’s your elevator pitch on why he or she should?/b>

The elevators in the Treasure Valley ride only so high, so I like to keep it short and sweet. We offer amazing outdoor recreational activities and all of the big city perks without the big city challenges.

What’s your favorite piece of public art and where in the world is it?

The Chicago Picasso.

What’s your go-to book to give a friend?

“The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell.

If you could change one thing about the Treasure Valley, what would it be and why?

We have a real opportunity to improve our public transportation. Our roadways and traffic infrastructure are solid but can only support so much. I see us getting more and more congested, and we could help alleviate much of it with stronger resources and offerings to expand upon “car culture”.

What is the one thing about the Treasure Valley you would never change?

The Greenbelt. It’s such a vibrant, beautiful, active part of our community that brings people together, and you get to experience so much of what makes our city so incredible — whether you walk, run or cycle.

What lasting impression do you hope Together Treasure Valley will have?

Long-term, supporting Boise’s quintessential essence — which is strong and independent, yet community minded. Also, we’re incredibly innovative and trending positively in so many ways, especially as an active, healthy place to life.

Name one local business leader you most admire, and tell us why.

Dr. Pate of St. Luke’s, is one of our local treasures. He and his team are leading the charge for improved health care outcomes for all Idahoans, and his vision and strategy for improving the health of people in the communities we serve are inspiring.

What positive feedback has your company received about Together Treasure Valley?

The importance of building relationships to improve our communities. The word “relationships” gets thrown around a lot, but it truly moves mountains in terms of removing barriers to success and making realistic and measurable progress for our community.

Together Treasure Valley gave $18,000 to six area libraries. Why was that important to you and to the group?

This is an investment in Idaho’s future — helping our libraries to continue, which helps improve access to literacy. It’s a huge, powerful allocation of resources you can’t argue with.

Have you had an “aha moment” in your life when it comes to literacy or education?

I would not be in the position I am in today without my education. Without a solid educational base, our workforce will not have the intellectual and experiential knowledge to prepare them for the future.

Together Treasure Valley had about 100 requests to place the 50 benches we bought for our community. Did that reaction surprise you, and where are you looking most forward to seeing the benches?

My response won’t surprise you — within our city parks and the Greenbelt!

Together Treasure Valley gave $50,000 to help fund Boise’s Vista Gateway Median Arts project. Why was this an important project to fund?

To more positively showcase our fair city. It pulls together community partners, local businesses, residents and public agencies while energizing and creating a greater sense of place in the Vista neighborhood. It’s a win win win win.

Together Treasure Valley gave $50,000 to help fund Caldwell’s Indian Creek Musical Arts project. Why was this an important project to fund?

To help integrate visual and musical arts for all Caldwell residents and visitors to experience. It’s a wonderful way to help support revitalization in Caldwell while providing culturally enhancing activities for residents and guests.

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