How long have you lived in the Treasure Valley? Virtually all of my life (JM) and 15 years (CB)

Coby Barlow,
Property & Operations Manager,
Jeremy Malone,
Vice President,
Oppenheimer Development Corporation

What is the first thing you would show a visitor to the Treasure Valley?

The first thing we show visitors is Downtown Boise and how clean, safe and active it is. A walking tour from the Capitol Building, up 8th Street through the Grove Plaza, to the Basque Block, up to the Greenbelt through the Boise State campus and Albertsons Stadium. This walking tour shows a variety of architecture, history, museums and restaurant opportunities while ending at the famed blue turf, which most visitors want to see.

What is your company’s philosophy on the importance of community?

Community is an integral part of our company’s “strategic statements” and is based upon three key principles: People, Planet and Prosperity. In People, we serve our employees, customers and community for today and tomorrow. In Planet, we are committed to leaving the world better than we found it. For Prosperity, we strive to ensure lasting viability of our business, our customers businesses and the communities we serve.

What makes the Treasure Valley a great place to live?

The Treasure Valley is a great place to live because of the fabulous quality of life and recreation opportunities, the clean and safe community we have created and the extremely talented, friendly and generous people who live in the Treasure Valley.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for our community in 2016?

The ability to provide the highest level of education at all levels as well as attracting and retaining high-caliber talent within the workforce is critical to our continued success. Additionally, we need to create an alternative transportation model within the Treasure Valley to address the projected growth as well as the parking limitations within Downtown Boise.

What is the Treasure Valley’s best-kept secret?

While not necessarily a secret, Downtown Boise is definitely a jewel within the Treasure Valley. The clean, safe and vibrant Downtown is the core of the Treasure Valley and continues to grow and get more vibrant with the addition of JUMP, the convention center expansion, the new transit center, added hotel rooms and the general excitement of an energetic environment that is the hub of the Valley.

How has the Treasure Valley changed since you’ve lived here?

The Treasure Valley has changed dramatically. It has truly developed into a place with arts, culture, food, sporting events and talented people, both from the Treasure Valley and those who have moved here. The amazing talent the Treasure Valley enjoys spans into virtually every category including health care/medical, technology, professional services, contractors, beer/wine industry and foodies.

Who is someone local who has influenced you?

There have been so many influential people in our careers and community, it is extremely difficult to limit it to a single person. We have been extremely fortunate to work with Skip Oppenheimer and Doug Oppenheimer. Both Skip and Doug have been so selfless in their contributions to so many wonderful community activities and charities. The amount of time each donates to various worthwhile causes is truly the spirit of what makes the Treasure Valley the best place to live, work and play.

Anything else you’d like to highlight about how your company supports the Treasure Valley?

In addition to our commercial real estate management and development company, Oppenheimer Companies has various food-related businesses including Golbon, a national food buying group; Interstate, a partner in the nation’s largest private label and natural frozen whipped topping manufacturer; Interstate Potato Packers, a frozen potato products value brand; and Greenline Logistic, a national logistics company. Collectively we support a wide range of activities in the Treasure Valley.

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