Did you know: Heidi and Orville have lived in the Treasure Valley for 20 years.

Heidi and Orville Thompson,
President and CEO, Scentsy

What is the first thing you would show a visitor to the Treasure Valley?

Eagle Road on a Saturday, if we didn’t want them to move here. The Greenbelt, if we did.

What is your company’s philosophy on the importance of community?

Scentsy is about helping people “bring value to the world.” Our motto is: Contribute more than you take. Without community, success has no value. A community is like a garden. Diversity creates interest, beauty and protection, but only when everything works together to be productive and harmonious. There is an essential tension between production and harmony, like a sail and a rudder or a kite and a string. Businesses propel our economy, but communities direct it. A company can fly high only when it is grounded to a great community. Each of us has the responsibility to bloom where we are planted while contributing to an environment where others can bloom, too.

What makes the Treasure Valley a great place to live?

The people! There is a mix of western independence and upward mobility with a deep-seated religious ethic of taking care of one another. The “newness” of the Treasure Valley creates a sense of childlike wonder, which leads to contagious optimism, which leads to connection, love and kindness, which leads to hope, which leads to vision and light. We see it reflected in the blue turf at Albertsons Stadium, public amenities like the Greenbelt, nonprofits, neighborhoods and companies like those sponsoring this campaign.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for our community in 2016?

It seems we struggle reaching consensus on how to fund infrastructure. Great communities first figure that out. It seems every negative conversation we witness that relates to the Treasure Valley centers on what we need to facilitate growth, and who and how to pay for it.

What lasting impression do you hope the community will have of Together Treasure Valley?

Building a great community should not (and cannot) be left to elected officials. Communities are made up of individuals and the businesses that service or employ them. Elected officials are there to protect and support a community. When businesses show a true concern for the individuals in the community, individuals will rally behind them to create common good. Together Treasure Valley is an opportunity for businesses to come together, provide leadership and empower individuals to make a positive lasting impact.

Why did you choose to get involved in Together Treasure Valley?


Who is someone local who has influenced you?

Every person who has touched Scentsy in any way.

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