Did you know: Scott and his family love the Greenbelt, which he describes as a “recreational ribbon alongside the river.”

Regence BlueShield of Idaho
Scott Kreiling, President

A friend is considering moving to the Treasure Valley. What’s your elevator pitch on why he or she should?

The vibrancy of the business climate is positively energizing. And honestly, the quality of life here in the Valley just can’t be topped. We have easy access to the outdoors via the Boise River Greenbelt and our amazing Foothills trail system.

What’s your favorite piece of public art and where in the world is it?

The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, located alongside the Greenbelt in Downtown Boise.

What’s your go-to book to give a friend?

“The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” by Barry Posner and James M. Kouzes.

What is the one thing about the Treasure Valley you would never change?

The “can-do” spirit that people here display in everything they do.

One of our area’s treasures is the outdoors. What’s your favorite thing to do here?

Rafting the Boise River from Barber Park with our family and out-of-town guests.

What makes the Treasure Valley a treasure?

The people.

What “hidden gems” have you discovered living here?

I’d have to say the Hulls Gulch and Military Reserve hiking trails. They may not be hidden, but they are undeniably some of my family’s most treasured gems.

What lasting impression do you hope Together Treasure Valley will have?

I hope it encourages businesses of all sizes to always be on the lookout for new and different ways of coming together to make a greater positive impact together than any of us could on our own.

Name one local business leader you most admire, and tell us why.

Darrel Anderson – because of his strong personal leadership of the ‘Just Drive’ campaign that’s done so much to raise awareness of the critical importance of putting down our cellphones and concentrating on driving. His focus on safety and community is inspiring.

What positive feedback has your company received about Together Treasure Valley?

We’ve heard really positive comments about the fresh approach Together Treasure Valley represents and about its focus on the entire Valley. People also seem to appreciate the way TTV asks for and responds to ideas from the public.

Together Treasure Valley gave $50,000 to help fund Boise’s Vista Gateway Median Arts project. Why was this an important project to fund?

As I’ve traveled around the country, I’ve been impressed by communities that have gone the extra mile to make key entrances to or corridors through their communities more welcoming. It makes a positive statement. It says, “This is a community that cares about how it presents itself.” It also says we value art and creativity and everything else that contributes to quality of life – for residents and visitors alike.

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